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Hospitality Systems
The lodging industry demands systems that are innovative, but with solid reliability - ideally leveraging the existing infrastructure without forklift upgrades and expensive software.

We can offer hospitality solutions from several vendors including Atlas and Tadiran, both respected within the hospitality industry and scalable from small inns to large chain hotels.

From Property Management Systems to Call Accounting, Full-featured Voice Mail and Room Status indicators, we can supply your hotel/motel with the features that you need to satisfy your guests and run your business efficiently. Internet access, from dial-up to wireless broadband, has become an expectation, especially for the business traveler. In many cases, we can use your existing cabling to offer your business this important advantage.

Enhanced 911 Services protect your guests and your business by notifying your front desk of any 911 calls made from a guest room. Video surveillance offers improved security for your business and safety for your guests. Activity can be recorded and remotely monitored for quick retrieval or archived for future use.

We also service and upgrade most systems from major manufacturers at cost-effective rates.

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