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Sound Masking
Sound masking enhances any work environment by reducing the distractions created by multiple conversations, environmental noises and ringing telephones. In some cases, a well-designed sound masking system eliminates the need for the construction of private offices saving all of the associated costs.

CS Electronic Systems can design and install a system that emits low-level, non-distracting masking noise to reduce speech intelligibility for privacy purposes or soften the impact of unwanted low level sounds caused by traffic or office machinery. We specialize in sound masking technology for any application, including but not limited to the following:

* Call centers
* Classrooms
* Clinics
* Conference rooms
* Courtrooms
* Expositions
* Hospitals
* Law offices
* Medical examination rooms
* Medical offices
* Museums
* Rehabilitation centers
* Restaurants

With sound masking, you can achieve the privacy and open floor plan flexibility you require at a lower cost. Masking will minimize the startle effect of unwanted noise as well as neutralize other audible distractions. This offers your staff a better environment in which to concentrate and minimize errors. It has also been shown to reduce stress and increase focus.

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