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Lightning Protection
Can you afford to be without your phone, computer, or any other electronic system? Lightning strikes are capable of destroying valuable electronics in a split second. Losing equipment may not only cost your business in replacement or repair, but also time, productivity, and/or customers. Lightning can also threaten the life and safety of your personnel.

Let CS Electronic Systems help you stay calm before and after a storm. Lightning is difficult to control, but with proper lightning protection system installation and voltage selection your lightning worries can be reduced.

Lightning doesn't have to strike directly on your building to threaten your sensitive electronics. Even a strike ¼ mile away can transmit power surges into your walls and outlets which can be damaging. A lightning protection system neither attracts nor repels a lightning strike, but provides a designated path for the lightning current to travel harmlessly to ground. CS Electronic Systems will provide proper bonding and grounding of systems by installing both primary and secondary stage protection to handle high voltage and/or high current situations.

Don't let lightning strike you twice. Contact CS Electronic Systems at 717-625-7199 for more information on protecting your telephone, data, wireless, camera, or audio systems.

Surge Protection

Surges are sudden increases in voltage that can damage, degrade, or destroy electronic equipment within any facility. Most equipment is designed to handle small variations in voltage, but surges can be very damaging to almost all equipment.

Surges can be caused by lightning strikes, animals making contact with power line equipment, accidents involving utility poles, or devices that switch power on and off, such as thermostats, generators, or energy controlled systems.

Protect personnel and equipment from excessive voltages and currents by allowing CS Electronic Systems to install an electrical surge protection solution for your specific application.

Drops in voltage, such as brownouts or power outages, can also be damaging to equipment. CS Electronic Systems will install uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems which prevent power disturbances from affecting the performance and life of electronic equipment.

  • Business operations don't stop because of power failure.
  • Equipment isn't damaged.
  • Valuable data isn't lost.

To keep your facility up and running smoothly, contact CS Electronic Systems at 717-625-7199.

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