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FAQS: Sound Masking
What is it? What does it do?

Sound masking is a system or individual device that produces “white noise” – a low level, non-distracting masking noise designed to reduce the intelligibility of voice conversations. It also minimizes the “startle factor “of sudden loud noises and the constant distraction of office equipment and people with loud voices.

What are the benefits?

Sensitive information is protected. From personnel reviews in Human Resources to executive strategy sessions, confidential conversations stay secure. The obvious implications of security breaches can be far-reaching.

Productivity is increased in an atmosphere without major distractions. Noises and clearly audible conversations from nearby cubicles can inhibit efficiency, and with some employees, can be a major source of error.

How are the systems configured?

Basic System Electronics

A basic masking system includes a masking sound generator, an equalizer, a power amplifier and one or more loudspeakers. Electronically, basic sound masking systems are among the simplest type of sound systems.

Masking Sound Generator

The electronic masking generator ( noise generator ) is the heart of the masking system. “Pink noise” ( equal energy per octave) is the most common masking noise. An ideal masking noise generator produces true random noise that never repeats. Digital noise generators generate a pseudo-random signal that repeats every so often.

Masking generators have computer controls that gradually reduce the normal daytime masking sound to a preset nighttime level. This reduction usually begins just after normal office hours and slowly takes place over one to two hours. Then, one to two hours before the office reopens, the masking sound level gradually ramps back up to the normal level.

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